Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another few pics from the book of Belly Dance

Here is another sneak peak at a couple photo's which are posted in my book.  I am very happy to be able to say I have heard from Gwyn and she is pleased about the project.  Whew! :D  I am so very glad!!
It was a lot of work - and it is wonderful to know, it all paid off!  I am working on another version, maybe one that will be a bit more affordable to publish-that way in case anyone does want to buy one, it won't be so expensive for them.
Publishing is interesting-if you have a "publisher" who is taking a chance on you and footin the bill, it can lead to a career.  Yet, when it is a "self publishing" project, there isn't money to be made.  Which is A-OK by me, I'm just happy the project is finished.  It was never my goal to profit from this-just share with the world what an amazing talent and kind spirit Miss Gwyn truly is and how thankful I am to have met her.