Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

It is the end of the month of November; tomorrow is December 2009 the last month of the year.  I saw this image and it made me think about sailing away.  Made me think of moving onward to he next thing.
That is what we have to do; and at the beginning of each year we are forced to move onward to whatever life may bring us.
I'm not sure I'm ready.
I found out today at my job I am going to be put on a 4 day work week.  Something I have been working towards for a year; and now it is here.  I have to admit; I'm a little scared.  I don't know why.  Maybe because if you make one small screw up, you go back to a five day work week and have to wait a year before you can be considered to return to four days again.

Well, like the guy above; onward...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Close to the End of the Year

A shot at fashion photography with a fantastic subject, Samantha was wonderful.  For someone who has no interest in a modeling career, she was curvy, pretty and willing to try anything for the shot. 

I have began to realize of all the thousands of photo's I have, I need to get another group to choose from for my images.  I have dwindled my selection down for this project and need to sit down to sort and re-size my pictures.  Now that I have learned how to use one of my software programs I am hoping to find the time to organize my images.  Hopefully it will also allow me to re-size the images by using my laptop so I can work more quickly.
Tomorrow is the last day of November, 2009, and all too soon there will be less than 30 days left of the year.  I reflect on what I accomplished this year, the opportunities which slipped by, and things I could have done better.  It has been a challenging year for me, with much loss of friendship and heartache which all but destroyed me.  At times I feel I am still recovering.  Thankfully my friends in the south have been good to me, and patient.  It was pointed out to me how much I had been drinking, and how I use to send drunken texts at various hours of the evening.  Some how I have made it through, between sweating in my room to freezing and wrapping up in layers of clothes and at times debating on wearing gloves to work on my desk top.  More recently dealing with a roommate and his "new love" aka his girlfriend and trying to fall asleep only to be awaken by their activities.  Or, even more fun, wanting to sleep in past 8 am and waking up before 7 am to their activities.  I have been looking at finding a different place to live for two months.  Unfortunately, it is an exhausting and overwhelming process which I have slowly going through the paces.  I am in a place which I can afford, and it is safe, yet I don't like being there.  Which makes it difficult when I have an external drive loaded with thousands of images which need work, could be prepared for an exhibit or entered in a contest.  It is also where I would like to prepare documents for marketing or clients, yet cannot seem to bear to tolerate the silly roommate stuff, so I leave to seek quiet.  This process has caused me to get behind on many things and some of my projects.
I have begun to slowly want to have a safe haven, a place of comfort, a place to look forward to returning at the end of the day.  I haven't really had that since that duplex in Onalaska, WI.  Which was before I returned to finish my degree; so that was....2001.  I didn't feel safe in my apt in Oregon, I wasn't crazy but did grow to like the place in Pontotoc, MS.  My apt was ok, but a wee bit out of my budget in Memphis, I didn't have room to invite people over.  When I did, I was embarrassed at my boxes of stuff.  I had forced myself to go through boxes and boxes of my belongings to sort through it, toss it or make use of it.  That was a very long and messy process.  I also had things stolen off my patio which didn't make me feel exactly safe.  I thought I found a wonderful home to purchase in Holly Springs, MS., but something told me to wait a year.  I'm glad I did the way my job worked out, and the way the interest on the loan went, I would have been in a very bad situation.
Now, I am starting to want that safe haven; and if I can make peace with the idea/fact that I will be here in Nashville for a while....maybe I can let my guard down long enough to find such a place.

Cow Series

From the highest mountain, to the tallest tower, to a statue high above.  Here is Cow once again finding her way into a new perspective, from the hand of a statue.  Thankfully the subject of choice didn't seem to mind the attention. He took great care in making certain not to drop Cow while he held her on top of his little sack.  This is from the same night of exploring, I was on one of the campus's in Nashville.  It was during spring break and the campus was quiet and dark. It made for a very peaceful evening.

Cow Series

Riding along in my automobile....uhhh...or on the back of a deer.  The return of the Cow Series!  I took this on a chilly night out exploring.  Cow couldn't help but want to participate in the evenings photo session.  We came upon this lovely critter...I think its a deer?  Next thing I knew Cow had jumped out of the case and made her way to this unsuspecting animals back and pleaded for a photo.  How could I resist?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Soap Box

Hunched over, that is how many people will be feeling tomorrow.  Big eyes will have many thousands of people piling on a plate full of food.  Only later to be wondering why, oh why, did I over eat again this year.
This holiday is a little different for me, the movie Blind Side is heavy on my mind.  I think of that boy who when invited into a families home for Thanksgiving; went and sat at the dining room table.  A boy who was starving, a boy who had no family, a boy who was lacking in education and love.
What will you truly be thankful for, and will it be petty?  Sorry to be so blunt, but think about those who don't have; don't blame them, but truly wonder if maybe they weren't so discouraged, and beaten down, maybe they woudl be able to rise above and do better.  Maybe if they had a little hope.  Maybe if someone just cared a little, it would make a difference.
I am going to be thinking about those who want to have nothing more than a family, those who want to have a Thanksgiving which is traditional.  Traditional in the sense of a turkey, a table, and people who care about them.  The traditional picture hangs in my mind.  A dining room table, food of abundance, and people of familiarity in each chair.  Yet, currently, all of that is nothing but a dream, a picture on the cover of a book. 

What will you be thankful for?

Giving Thanks

This may not look like your typical "Thanksgiving Feast" that is because this particular meal was prepared for those who traveled to Jamaica in January 08.  But, it is that time of year once again, time to give Thanks, time to over eat and hate ourselves and then nod off in a slumber. I am going to be going to a nursing home tomorrow with a friend of mine to deliver two centerpieces.  I think we take for granted having people to surround ourselves with this time of year.  There are many people out there who don't have that option.  People who on a daily basis watch those who reside near them, receive visitors, friends, family come and keep them company even for just a little while.  During this time, day in and day out; they have no one to come and talk to them.  It breaks my heart how lonely that must be.  I hope to be able to be that visitor for two people tomorrow.  Maybe, it will help them realize they are appreciated, even by a complete stranger.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Cover

I am hoping to take the images of this Belly Dance Troupe, which were taken in 2008, and put together a small coffee table book.  I am debating on using this particular image as its cover.  I love the angle of her body as she is moving through her choregraphy, I like how her arms are open and almost welcoming.  The expression on her face is also pleasant and I would like to think this would be quite eye catching as a cover.

Thoughts?  Anyone?

Monday, November 23, 2009


This was another image used for class; the theme was Wind.  I liked how the wind had whipped the clouds into their formation.  Thankfully the image was convincing enough where the instructor agreed.

Class and Framing

I used this image, which I had forgotten I had taken, for my digital photography class.  We had to utilize the composition technique, I used this image for the technique of framing.  I was really happy with the result, and the instructor really liked this image as did other students in the class.

Trails I Have Traveled

All I can tell you...was this picture was taken in TN.  I was on our Fall Outing, which many people thought was going to be rained out.  Turned out, the weather was perfect, a nice cloudy day which served as a beautiful filter to the sunlight.  This lovely river was not far from Machine Falls, but we took the LONG way to get to it.  After climbing a rock wall, clinging to trees which were rotting and puling out of the ground; we found our way.  The bridge ahead was a welcoming site; how we were going to get to it at this point was still a mystery.  A good day spent outside, a challenging hike which resulted in a good day and good pictures.

View of a Truck Stop

This was taken shortly after I woke up at a truck stop somewhere probably in either Indiana or Illinois this past July.  I was pulling out slowly when I caught the truck up ahead sitting and getting ready to pull out.  In my side mirror I saw the truck pulling out; both on their own adenda's, both at work with their own duties.  Each serving a different purpose, for different people, yet could be found at the same place at the same time.

On the Boardwalk

On the boardwalk, you can scorch your feet!  It was so hot this day, it wasn't that early in the afternoon and the sun was hot enough where against this white sand it was incredibly uncomfortable. 
I love the leading lines in this image, makes me want to wander over the edge of that bridge to see where it will take me...what adventure waits ahead...come with me, let's go see.

Lost and Found

This image was lost, and I found it on accident last week Thursday while searching for images for the slideshow.  I thought I had foolishly erased the images from my Coastal Weekend in June of this year.  Thankfully I had not, just put them in a place where I could not find them.
There is something about the water, about the Coast, which allows me to lose myself.  How I long to relax on the beach once again.

Studio Shoot

This is Samantha, she is fabulous to photograph, she was one of our models for my classes studio session.  She had this fabulous curvy figure and a beautiful face which was easy to photograph.  I hope to work with her again one day.

Images from a Slideshow

It is the end of the year, and that means it is the Christmas Party's end of the year slideshow.  This is an image which was submitted for the slideshow.
It was taken at Cheekwood; it was cold enough where the insects weren't moving much.  Which allowed them to serve as a model whether they wanted to or not. :)

Monday, but the wrong Monday

Life is frustrating at times, as I'm certain we all know.  I am waiting for things which I have become involved with to wind down or to come to completion.  It seems just as I can relax I realize I have forgotten to follow up with something.  Then I am rushing trying to pay catch up once again.  That involves my e-mail, this blog, the various other things I need to accomplish. 
Here is it Monday, the wrong Monday for me to be posting as I am catching up from last week.  Between trying to look for a new place to live, packing, attending Tuesday nights club meeting, staying up late finishing my homework for my class; going to class on Wednesday (which I passed by the way-I'm not a Bill Kotas Alum); grotto meeting on Thursday and I don't remember what I had to do Friday.  By Sunday I was well prepared for a melt down.  Which is what happened.

I'm trying to figure out how I am going to be able to afford a place on my own. Right now, it seems financially impossible, and I don't know how to make that happen right now.  It worries me.  I'd like to have my own place, two bedroom would be nice so I could finally have an office; space for my belongings.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to afford that, with utilities, while trying to start a business.  I'm at a loss...and I'm frustrated.  I like having a paycheck every week; I like having insurance.  Will I ever get to a point where my photography, my business will support a lifestyle I desire?  I'm not speaking of a lavish, luxurious lifestyle. Just a place I can call home, being able to afford my bills and have extra in the bank.
I think it would help if I would finally be able to settle somewhere and be at ease.  I was told to "never live with regrets" leaving Chattanooga was a regret, but I also knew I could not stay.
So...what does a girl do?

Does this look familiar?  It is the entrance to a cave in Sparta, TN; but it is the fall view.  The colors have changed and this was taken during my last photo club outing in 2009.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Glance Into My Photo World

What do I do on the weekends?  Most of the time I take groups of people from the Nashville Photography Club out on outings.  I am the "leader" of the Adventure and Hiking Group.  I scout each outing before I organize it.  What that means, is on weekends I am not with the groups of people, I am out looking and finding something of interest to offer to the club members. 

 This also means I get to go out and meet some really amazing people.  Below is a picture which I had taken when I got to meet the President of the Chattanooga Photography Club, Milt.  I was also able, along with the other club members who rode down with me, got to meet George Lepp.



  The club members usually get a pretty good idea of what they will see or experience when I take them.  I try to publicize the outings in a manner of what to expect visually; but also the type of terrain they will encounter.  That doesn't stop some from going off on their own when they are drawn to a subject of interest.  Which is great to me, especially when I turn around and see someone set up taking pictures in weeds, or pompas grass like above.



What is the most fun is when it is the end of the outing and I am surrounded by smiles.  There have been times when some people have not gotten the greatest pictures; but had a chance to get out and enjoy something new.  Or what is even better, make a new friend.  Not all of my outings will leave you exhausted and dirty like in the photo above, but as you can see...he's smiling; and that is what I hope for a good time by all.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moss and Snow

I found the way the snow fell on this pile of moss and rocks and roots created this interesting snow sculpture.  I love how you can really see the shape and the curves of the moss configuration.  The snow is delicate and to me beautiful as it's dainty little snowflakes have piled up.  You can see some of the creases and puff's of its figure as it fell from the sky, and found a place to rest.
I love snow

Relaxing Day in Feb of 08

While on the subject of snow....  We got a little snow Feb of 08 shortly after I came back from Jamaica.  I went out exploring to enjoy it and photograph it.  In this area snow does not last long and by 10 am it was basically gone.  All which remained were a few patches here and there which were biding their time until they too would melt.  I headed out to a nature area here called Radnor Lake.  I came across this little snow family; I thought it consisted of a husband, wife and I think the little blob on the right is the family dog.  I couldn't help but think these little snowmen were cute and by the hand of some creator who couldn't find enough snow to make a life size.  I like how they appreciated their little "family" enough for them to be placed where they could view the lake.

Woken By A Start

I was hoping to sleep in until at least 8 this morning.  Apparently that was not meant to be as I was woken with a start with a vehicle's alarm system going off in the drive-way.  Now that I have a decent vehicle (and safe) which has an alarm system, I flew out of bed to see who might be messing with my truck. It wasn't my vehicle, it was the vehicle next door and who knows what was going on, I couldn't tell through the window.  I crawled back in thinking do I get up, or do sleep for another hour.  My roommate must have a really annoying alarm as everything else I can hear through the wall, his alarm was going off.  I gave up the fight and headed out to Panera Bread where I am meeting the Christmas Party Planning Committee for the Nashville Photography Club.
I have so much to catch up on so I decided to get here early before the meeting to get images e-mailed off for one of the slideshow's.  Update my photo blog, and hopefully I will have the time to update the club's website.

I am feeling like snow, it is November and it is suppose to be 70 degree's here.  That is ridiculous to me.  I miss home, and as the days pass work continues to remain silent about the extra days I have asked off so I may go home.  The amount of time they gave me would give me a whole four hours before I would have to turn around and come back for work.  I like having the ability to receive a paycheck, I work for a pretty decent company; but it is corporate.  With corporate, it is what it is.  Daily I am reminded how I am wasting away behind a desk and it makes me want to really find that outlet to explore; that marketing idea to utilize so I may have this business where I need it to be.  Where I can bust my butt for months to be able to have the freedom to go home without the daunting pressure to return to an environment which unfortunately is stagnant.

With that in mind, I have posted an image I took back home on my Dad's farm in Wisconsin.  I am homesick. While watching a movie last night which the main character and setting was in Wisconsin.  Seeing and hearing references to Wisconsin, made how much I miss home, come to the surface. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Stop Now?

Here is one more of my collection of Aquarium images.  I think this little guy is a Sturgeon?  I may be very wrong actually....hmmm...I thought he was cool lookin with the way the light reflected off him and the unusal markings. be a fish; must be so relaxing.  Well, until something bigger comes along and tries to eat you.

While We're At It...

While on the subject of Aquarium's, let's head over to the jelly fish section.  These are not as easily captured due to low lighting and they way they move.  The challenge can be inticing, but also incredibly frustrating, at least for me.  I don't have a lens which has a F-Stop which goes down low enough to be effective.

Oh, the ol Blue Sea

As much as I would love to be able to say I captured this critter underwater; I was not underwater with him.  I was able to take this image while at the amazing Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN.  They have such beautiful exhibits, and if you are willing to wait for the various aquatic swimmie friends to swim by and the people to move.  (they tend to show up in reflections on the aquarium wall)  You can capture some pretty cool stuff.  I also love the amazing colors you can get while taking pictures; the lighting is wonderful.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Battery Down...

I'm trying to post...but my laptop is telling me my battery is about to turn off my system...blah!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Caught Up...

It seems to be a reoccuring theme with this project.  Maybe once things get situated as I am seeking for another place to live, hopefully the new place of residence will have internet, or at least a roommate/landlord who will allow me to get internet.

I can't get enough of dancers, especially when I know their choreography and can capture that moment of style, grace or sass.

Hungry Buck

I like how this image is framed by the trees, blurred by the leaves, and yet you can see the buck fairly clearly.  He was just hanging out by the lake when I captured this profile shot of him and his rack.  I have often pondered finding a bow hunter and going out to sit with him to try and capture natural shots of deer.  Finding the time is one concern, the other...trying to get the hunter to wait to make his shot until I can make mine.

Life in Motion Series

Another piece from my Life In Motion Series.  This Team Roper, which is called the header, has gotten his catch and is starting to turn his horse.  It indicates to me that his heeler has done his job and it is time to finish up their round to get their time.  Team Roping can be interesting and at times boring to watch.  But, you can't beat a good horse and a good rider working together trying to accomplish something.

Trails I Have Traveled

This is one of my images from the Trails I Have Traveled Series.  I have since added to this collection and if I can find my SD Card Reader (which was recently misplaced) I will be able to add and exhibit those images on this blog.  I love bridges, I love the lines and shadows which they cast.  An age old this which helps us mere humans travel more easily to locations we seek.

A try at Commercial Photography

This was a resort which I stayed at in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  I love how the sky is still blueish as the sun had deeply set.  I love the lights reflecting into the water.  It isn't the "perfect" image for architectural or commercial photography, but we all have to start somewhere right?

Other's Who Have Passed Through

I was along a riverside exploring on one of my hiking trips last year, when I came across these tracks.  I love finding tracks to various animals in the wilderness.  I like to think I have an ability to seek, find and track animals, thanks to my Dad and being around his own expertise.  An expertise which I am certain he gained from his father and practiced frequently in his endless years of deer hunting.

Cave Entrance/Exit

This is the entrance and exit to one of the caves in KY.  It is a commercial cave called Mammoth Cave.  It is quite well known nationally.  This outing was with the Brentwood Photography Club who made arrangements to go in and photograph the more photographic section of the cave.  We were limited on time, and it was commercially lite, which to me, isn't the same as trying to light it yourself by Painting with Light.

Carolyn Brewer

I messed with this image in a program which is called Picasa, it is a program which I do not like, but you can do some variety to the images.  I really wanted Caroline to stand out, so I utilized some of the features in the prgram to black out the edges further and blend the stage lighting to blur it.

Life in Motion Series

This is one of my pieces which belongs to my Life In Motion Series.  Even though this is blurred, I like how it captures the motion and action of her playing the guitar. This photograph was taken at my favorite venue, 12th and Porter, in Nashville, TN.  The stage lighting is phenomenal and I love capturing it with my camera.  The colors and angles are absolutely delightful to play with during performances.

Back in Action

My jump drive was found yesterday afternoon, after much stress and search, it was found in someone's pickup truck.  The same person who claimed they gave the drive back to me.  HA!
Anyway - that is now over and I feel so much better.  I also can move onward with this project, such a relief.

What to post...what to start with to get caught up...

I thought I would return with something that has a burst of color.  This is a woman by the name of Carolyn Brewer, I enjoyed photographing her with her cute dimples.  Very sweet girl with a wonderful voice, unfortunately here in Nashville it is difficult for talented musicians to get the attention they truly need.  There is just too much talent here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I don't know where to begin...the project is on temporary hold.  My flash drive which is holding my images for this project is gone.
Its a long story; it doesn't matter.  Unfortunately until I have the time to re-size images for web use; I won't be able to post pictures for a while.  Considering I am at the tail end of my class, trying to organize a Holiday Party, work on images for a charity event I did, working on tying up loose ends so I can focus more on my photography; I won't be able to get back to this project for a while.
I fee like this is the end...that I've failed.  I hope that isn't true, but how am I suppose to keep up with a daily posting of images while I have no access to my flash drive which held them all?  Until I can replace it and get back to re-sizing images...yeah...I don't know what to say.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missing Sea Turtle

As I was driving over to the location where I take pictures for a local business, I receive a phone call about the exhibit our club is currently doing.  "Hey, I'm missing a Sea Turtle", since I was uncertain which night we were suppose to turn in images, I didn't get mine in on its due date.  I have until tomorrow night to get that turned in, along with a fellow club members images which have been in the back of my truck.
I love that we have someone who works to get exhibits for our photo club.  Its quite the priveledge, and I enjoy being able to participate.  Next year, I'll be doing all the work he does, plus more to get mine in order. 
Until then....onward to the picture of the day -

A friend of mine in Arizona told me they got some snow!  I didn't even realize it was possible for Arizona to get snow, so that was interesting to hear about.  Considering in many parts of the world, it is getting to be that time of year when snow will grace the ground with its presence, I thought I would use one of my snow images. This piece is from my The Trails I Travel series.  A rare moment in Nashville we received snow, and it lasted until about 10 am.  I was glad to capture it while it was still in its relatively prestine state.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Head above Water

I came across this bird just hanging out at a photography workshop that I coordinated last October.  I love the reflection in the water.  I'm not big on bird photography, but I do like the wildlife type of shots.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dawn of a New Day

Dawning of a New Day; I closed a painful chapter in my life last night.  I am sad, hurt, and confused.  I am in pieces and trying to find the motivation to move forward.  I felt this image portrayed a new start, with the sun beams coming out of the clouds.  It also has a water from the bay - something which I am longing for right now, the healing touch of the ocean.  I need to run away, or at least I want to.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Blast from the Past....

A blast from the past is right.  I figured this image taken of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga was only appropriate.  Someone from my past who I love and care about more than I ever imagined possible, returned to my life today.  I have not heard from him in almost five months.  I'm struggling trying to stay focused, while my stomach is in knots, and filled with butterflies my mind wheels and turns wondering what to do, what to think.
Just last night, and this morning, I thought I was on track to heading into a new direction.  The prospect of a new place to live in the future, possibly an office...and a support system I'm not accustom to.....I'm so hurt, and confused.
I have to work on pictures I took at a horse show this weekend for Saddle Up.  Saddle Up is a riding stable for children with various handicap's and disabilities, they had a horse show for their students Saturday, and I volunteered to take pictures.  They are due in a little over a week, and I have a couple hundred images to sort through and fix.  I also have to work on my budget tonight, I get paid this Friday.  I need to make sure I get close to 100% on track financially-there is much equipment I need to have, and I won't get it unless that financial of mine gets in order.  I hope I can concentrate on business tonight.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland to Jamaica

From Wisconsin to Jamaica- I love Jamaica, when it was time to leave, I tried very hard to stay.  I unfortunately did not have the opportnity to travel these stairs, as they were on private property.  However, they were a set of stairs I encountered on a trail I was on in the mountains and rural area of Hanover, Jamaica.
My trip there helped me face how wasteful I am, how I hoard things I don't even need, and how I waste time.
It was a very enlightening, spiritual and enhancing trip for me, I look forward to the day I can finally return.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sepia in Winter

Here is an old out building at my parents, again I used the sepia.  I love that it gives my picture the aged look to the barn which to me is only appropriate.

Winter in Sepia

Here is an image from my parents farm a couple winter's ago.  I love black and white; and I love the sepia as it makes images look quite ancient and old.