Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I do try to take a picture a day for this project.  Many of what you have seen here are pictures which were not taken on the current day of which I write. 
I hope that isn't too much of a dissappointment.

Farmer's Market

I have a love for Farmer's Markets.  Ever since I was in Oregon I began to gain appreciation for them.  Now they are something which I long to go to and take in the wonderful items which have been carefully prepared, but often find myself forgetting about them.  Not this past weekend!  I made myself stop - and I even picked up a little snack while I was there.  It feels good to support local farmers.

I love the beautiful colors you will find at a Farmer's Market.  The vegetables, fruits, jams, cheeses, and crafts which lie about on tables and under tents.  Even on a fairly partly cloudly day, you find the bright colors emerging from their boxes.  I just want to pick up one of each and take it with me.  I find photographing Farmer's Markets to be fun, due to the colors and interesting items you can find.


If I were to grade myself on this project, for attention to getting my images posted on time, I would give myself an "F".  How pathetic is it I am giving myself a failing grade at a self assigned project.  No real excuse, especially for last night...I just was too willing to let go of my responsibility to my own project.  Not good. :(

I am working on an organization system...this one isn't working.  This is how "I roll", scary isn't it?  Lets see, caving helmet on the floorboards along with a notebook and binder for the photo club, which is accompanied by the blue binder which is for my webdesign stuff.  A hat my Dad gave me, which I try to keep handy.  My black notebook which I have been using in the most organized way to keep track of things I need to do. Various mail, folders, and a tag off an image which just came down from an exhibit.  Sadly I don't have the time to pick this stuff up and get it organized.  So-I make due until I can finally make myself stop long enough to sort it into some sense.  Thank goodness I now have a truck to haul it all.  You should see the backseat...on second thought, you probably shouldn't....

Monday, September 28, 2009

June is Dairy Month

This is one of my photo's, another part of my cow series.  June in Wisconsin is Dairy Month.  It is one of my favorites-a celebration, an appreciation of farmers.  These are the characteristics of home.  Dairy cows, fresh made bread, slabs of butter, and beer.  Leine's is a favorite back home, and many people cannot pronounce the name correctly, which always makes me smile.  Because then I get to have fun "educating" the beer drinker the correct way to pronouce the beloved beer of Chippewa Falls, WI.


I am so exhausted.  Sunday became very stressful for a couple reasons.  But, at least now what once was stressing me is taken care of, and now once a personal issue settles, I hope to be free from my stress load.  Or at least have it be less than what it is now.  Not sleeping well isn't fun. 
Now that I have my gig in April, I am anxiously preparing my thoughts towards marketing myself, my photography.  I'm not sure what steps to take, what direction to go, where to begin....things are spinning around me and I need to just start sorting and moving.  A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest, stays at rest.  My marketing plan, like a body in motion...well...first of all, needs to get in motion.

Is it cheating if I use one of my favorite pictures I didn't take???  I think it is....I've been homesick lately.  This is a picture which was taken by my brother (at my request) while I was out by my horses.  This is me, at home.  Hair down, jeans, t-shirt, and barefoot.  Surrounded by the beauty of my parents farm, and the peace of my horses.  I miss being home.  I miss Wisconsin.  I miss being able to be that girl.


I like having someone I can play with, who is fun and easy to work with-this bride was all of the above!  She was up for anything, and went along with so many of my ideas.  She also came to the table of many of her own.  It made it for an enjoyable day.  I hope I was able to eliminate as much stress from her as possible as her photographer.

And the Winner Is.....

ME!!  I have been hired for the April wedding.  April 15 I will be doing one of two ceremonies for this bride.  After she saw my work, she decided that she wanted me to do the photography for their private ceremony in Kentucky.

Another image which was included in my portfolio.  I like how this pictures shws what could be a stressed bride, in a relaxed position.  A bit layed back, yet the dress is fully displayed.  She looks happy, and ready to be married.

What a weekend!

Friday I spent the evening running around like crazy preparing my portfolio.  I am very proud to say, it is impressive - and I owe all to my friend Heidi, who like a champ came through for me.

Since I am working on obtaining a bride for a client for her April wedding, I thought I would include one of my bridal photo's for my blog.  I love catching detail work - and I love this dress!!  It was a very fun day - and I can't wait to tell you what happened this weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday....waiting to make a call

I sit at Bongo Java, I am waiting for my friend to get home so I can call her this evening.  I did her wedding and I cannot find the images I took that weekend.  I am in desperate need for the photo's and I am hoping she won't mind sending me about 12 or so images tonight.  She has sent me two, one of which I was needing, and the other will be good for my portfolio.  I meet with a Bride, aka potential client in two days.  I want this to go as well as it possibly can as I would love to do her wedding.  She is getting married at Dunbar Cave in Clarksville, TN.

It is almost time for me to call...and I am anxious as I know I am asking for a lot to have her e-mail me these photos. 

Here is an image which I submitted to class last night.  It was well received, not sure what I'll use in the next session as part of my "theme" for my class.  At least I have three weeks to get that figured out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cow Series

It isn't everyday you see a cow in a tree!  This is one of my series I have been working on.  Cow started years and years ago with actual Holstein cows.  That is still in progress, but since I don't live on the farm anymore, my endless supply of dairy has dwindled.  This cow series began officially in Jamaica in January 2008.  I took a bunch of my stuffed animals to Jamaica to give away to the children at the Westhaven Childrens home.  I couldn't part with this little heifer.  I began taking her with me to the contruction site, to the swim up bar and she returned to the states with me.  She is an adventurous bovine with the sweetest heart. 
Her official name is Elsie C. Bell  The "C" stands for Cow.  For short, I call her cow.  Its kind of fun, I'll be around people who know about her and my series and they will ask about her.  I hope to make her famous.
Here she is hanging out in tree on a hike to the Narrows of the Harpeth.  I think it felt good to get out and stretch her legs some, she's been laying low for way too long.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Self Portrait

This is a self portrait, me sleeping, something I haven't gotten much lately.  I find myself up at times working on pictures at 1 am.  For no client at all, just sorting, re-sizing, organizing in hopes something will work for an exhibit one day.
Maybe things will eventually all shake out, and sleep, lack of money and cramped living quarters won't be such a concern anymore.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Things in Life

Some things in life make me ask questions, and make me wonder what is going on in other people's lives.  I came across this dog in a car today at the parking lot at a Panera Bread.  This is absolutely a horrible photo, but if you look close you will see a dog in the back of this car.  If you look closer you will see this dog is sitting on a bed of empty dog food bags.  I could smell this dog from outside of this car, and only the moon roof was open a mere crack.
This car gave me the impression of someone who is homelss and living out of their car, and potentially unemployed.  It reminded me a the gal who is out in California who is writing a blog.  She was an Executive Assistant, and now with the loss of her job, she is living out of an RV trailer and was in the parking lot of a Wal Mart.  She goes to places to use free internet to do her job search, and has gaind attention in the news.
You never know what a person is going through, and who knows what the owner of this sweet dog may be going through.
If nothing else, this horrible picture, was caused by a thought provoking moment.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Trails I Travel

The Trails I Travel is a "new" series which I decided upon today.  I often take pictures of the trail I am hiking, and sometimes driving.  It is a record of where I've been, and maybe an indication of where I am going.  But, that is a bit too philosophical for me and for this project.

This is a path I walked on, it runs alongside the Harpeth River, which is west of Nashville, TN.  I like the curve in the road, it dissapears in the trees, and maybe makes you wonder...."where does it go".  Or possibly intrigue you enough to go find out for yourself.

Since I have several images throughout my time taking pictures of the trail I walk upon, I want to create a series.  Who know what may or may not come of the "series" but regardless, I hope to share them from time to time on my little blog.

Ahhh...I'm all caught up, on to the next.....


Today is a rainy day - there was an 80% chance of rain at 8 am this morning.  Thankfully it was just a mist.  Then while I took my nap, it was rain, rain, rain...not fully awake, but not able to get comfortable anymore, I headed off to good ol Bongo Java.  Where I sit with my laptop, a binder, two notebooks, two zip drives, my cell phone a pen and a bottle of water.
I am currently enrolled in a Beginner Digital Photography class through the Nashville Photo club.  We have been requested to get three models for our end of semester photo shoot.  I am very happy to say, we have two of the three.  One happens to be a gal who I met last night while out at the birthday party.  She had this beautiful ink, and I couldn't help myself but ask if she would mind posing sometime.  She said that would be great, and she gave me her number!!  The other gal who is posing was also at the birthday party and she confirmed she would be a willing participant as well.  Its nice to know that is off the check list.

What??? How did I...

How did I get two days behind??  I just got caught up!  I suppose it shouldn't surprise me though, yesterday was INSANE!!  I had a Paint with Light outing Friday night, and I was able to capture some really great images.  It was the second session we did with the Nashville Photography club, and I am quite happy with what I walked away with that night.  Saturday, I woke up early to volunteer with the Brentwood Photography club and take pictures of the re-grand opening of the Brentwood Library.  Then it was off to cheer up my birthday Pirate friend.  From there, re-scout the Narrows of the Harpeth to see whether or not it was wheelchair accessible for some of the Nashville Photo club members.  Once back into Nashville I had to pick up a friend at the airport, take her to her car, run to the house, shower, change and run off to a birthday party.  Whew!! 
I got to bed around 3ish???  I was up at 5ish and out the door for an early morning shoot at the Narrows of the Harpeth with the photo club.  As I pulled out of the driveway at 5:30, I rec'd a call:
"are we still on"
"yep, I am pulling out of the driveway"
"good, I am pulling onto the interstate"

Thankfully the rain held off until 12:15 where it down poured.  I was so exhausted, I found a side street and slept in my truck for three hours.  Now I am trying to catch up on everything....ok, not everything...but just playing catch up. photo should I use...

This wasn't taken this morning, but this is the view from the Bluff at the Narrows of the Harpeth.  I think it is quite fantastic to look over the hills, the river and farm land.  It is so quiet up there, all you can hear is you, the occasional cow and someone who may be passing by on the river.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bringing Rachel Back

An individual who I have admired for about a year or so, spoke to our club on Tuesday.  I have been quite intimidated to talk to him, and it turns out, he is SO nice!!  I hope to maybe be an apprentice for him, that would be super awesome!  I think I could potentially learn a lot from him.  I love his style, his personality and when you hear his story, he has truly worked his way up through the ranks to get to where he is now.
Check him out - Chuck Arlund.  I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

Ok - onward we shall go!!  I am so far behind, between running around like crazy trying to do things for the club and organizing the Christmas party for December.  Finding time to go and take pictures myself, and oh yeah...sleep....I started to get run down after four or five months of all I try to do, and I began to get sick this week.  I am feeling better, but I'm going to try and lay low for this weekend.  HA!  Right!  I have a photo shoot tonight, tomorrow is going to be running around playing catch up, and Sunday...EARLY morning sunrise photo shoot with the club.  Yee, Haw!!  Maybe in November I'll get some extra rest?

I brought Rachel back, I can't help but enjoy the images I was able to take of her.  She is a willing participant and I it was a lot of fun shooting her in the "junk yard" of cars.  I love that beautiful red hair of her's.  I like this image of her hanging out, sitting back on the roof of an old car.  Looking fabulous in those wonderful red shoes!  It makes me realize how much I enjoy fashion photography...and it seems to be the type of photography I do the least.  I hope for that to change in my future.

An Underground World

I find it amazing, what exists below us...  Yet, so many people are unaware, and unwilling to explore the beauty below.  I can understand how crawling through tight spaces isn't for everyone, but what you get to see is quite worth while.  I asked my caving buddy to shine his light down the pathway ahead.  As he did, I loved what I saw and requested he sit still. Thankfully he obliged and this is the image I captured.  I wasn't even aware I would capture his siloutte as well as I did, I am quite happy how this image turned out.

Entrance to a wonderland

This is one of my pieces from my first attempt at cave photography.  It is close to my top favorite.  It gives you the opportunity to see what waits in the outside world, while sitting and viewing it from underground.  This is a cave entrance to a cave southeast of Nashville.  I have a new passion in caving, and being able to combine caving with photography is absolutely wonderful to me.  It isn't easy-you have to pack up all your gear so it is protected, and then each time you use it, unpack it.  Then once the image is captured, you re-pack everything.  Its worth the effort and work for the images which can be obtained.

Running behind....ahhhhh.....

I love experiementing with night photography.  I think the photo shoot I did on the GOM in Orange Beach, AL was the most fun I've had experiementing with it.  It is amazing what you can accomplish and capture with a little patience, and a slow shutter speed.  I love how below the moon, you can see a star, or what may be a planet.  I really like how the colors of the beach umbrella came through.  Makes me wish I was sitting there on the coast now.  Anyone want to join me?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Macro...beginner level, Macro

Its black, its white, its both.  Here is an image I took at a local park in Nashville, I don't do a lot of flowers, or macro. But, I do like it, I think once I have a macro lens, it will be more enjoyable for me.

One of my favorite stock photographer's, Darrel Gulin does a lot of floral photography.  He also sells his images to many calendars along with other venues of sales for his work.  
I better save this - before my battery gives out on me.

My Own Personal Sherpa

I get up each morning, and I begin the "typical" process to get ready for work.  One thing differ's from others, I am my own personal Sherpa.  Right before I head out the door, I gather my "gear" and "stuff" for the day.  I grab my laptop, my camera bag and then my purse.  Out the door to head to work, and then in the afternoon I am off searching for that temptress I call a wireless signal.  Once she lures me in, I sit and get my blog updated, and do various things for the photo club.
I visit my poor excuse for a website...and usually end up in frustration as I don't have the knowledge to build even a simple page.  I was going to get set up with wordpress, then I encountered a problem with godaddy I still haven't been able to fix.  I think of ways to market my business, but between being frozen in fear to move forward, I also have much doubt in my skill level.  I am hoping once I obtain an external flash, learn how to use it correctly, maybe, just maybe...I will be brave enough to tip that toe into the potential pond which will take me to the boat of success.
My gear sits in my vehicle, on hot days I lug it into work, so it doesn't get to much exposure to heat.  I think my biggest obstacle (besides fear) is the website.  Which isn't that difficult to remedy....I just don't have the knowledge.  I get onto godaddy's website and there are all these links and buttons and information of which I don't understand.  I try to read and navigate to find myself getting further confused by it all.  I try to understand it, and return continuously to find my way to comprehension of it all.  Unfortunately, I continue to be lead down the lane of confusion.  The information is overwhelming and leads to a very stresful feeling or a dull groan of a headache.  I can't really progress until I have a website....I thought learning all of this stuff would be a lot easier.  Ha!  Maybe one day it will make more sense, it will fall into place.  Until then, I sit in this muck of web design lingo while my brain oozes of goo from a feeling of hopelessness.
I wonder if what I am doing, will pay off?  Will there be that day when it works out, when I have phone calls from people pursueing me for my photography, to attend my workshops and to purchase my images?  Will there be that day in the future when my business brings in enough money where I can buy actual equipment, like a desk that isn't made up of cardboard boxes?  So, maybe I can sit without a dull ache in my shoulder from being cramped up against a wall while I work.  Will I have a studio?  An office?  Internet without having to drive and drive and hide in the back parking lots of hotels?
I guess that is what part of this journey/blog is about....finding my way...seeing if what I dream, can be acheived.
I have a book I am re-reading, a Six Week Start Up Plan.  I don't know who this woman is, or what amount of money she had available to her, but I think it is a little deceiving for the average person with an average income can accomplish a business in six weeks.  I don't think it is realistic.  That doesn't mean I'm not going to continue onward, it just won't happen in six weeks.

I finally heard from Holt, I haven't been very proactive at keeping in contact with him.  I think he thought I forgot about him.  I continue to plug away at finding someone or some company to support his amazing project.  I keep coming across various things in America which are Vanishing, and I sometimes ponder if maybe he'll continue his project beyond five years.  I can see his images in galleries and fancy art openings presenting his incredible work to art lover's everywhere.
Check out his site:
Well...time to plug away at the goal, just thought I would touch base on the "business" aspect of this project, and my life.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday

My Sunday has been far from lazy.  I was up until 3 am last night working on re-sizing and organizing images.  I woke up late this morning (afternoon) to return to the process.  I get frustrated at times, all this "prepratory" work to get a portfolio and experience, with no guarentee.  The images I was working on today were for no one in particular, and a lot of them were not very good at all, which ended up being quite discouraging.
What am I working towards, a career in a field where technology changes at a very rapid rate.  A profession which is incredibly competitive and those with simple little pocket camera's who are willing to get published for "name credit" ruin the going rate for sales.
Then I attend an exhibit tonight which featured pieces of a very dear friend, Chad.  I love his work, and I'm sure I'm biased, but he is an inspriation, and it is wonderful to see a fellow photographer getting his work "out there".
Here is my image for today, it is an image which was taken at a club outing.  We did a Paint with Light night, and it is one of my favorites.  Thinking this was something relatively new until I was with someone who was doing cave photography, and I overheard him say, "I'm going to paint with light over here".  Of course, this has been around forever, not a new thing introduced to the photography world.  Just something which is relatively new to me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abstract Jamaican Medallion

This was taken while I was in Jamaica, a woman who was in our group was wearing this necklace.  I found it to be fascinating, and asked for her permission to photograph it.  This was my VERY first attempt to do anything in photoshop, its different, nothing great.  Once I know more about the program, I would like to go back and try to do what I first pictured when I took this photograph.

For the love of the Ocean

This was some of the storm clouds from Hurricane Gustav's posse that came rolling in along side him.  The weather was beautifully intense, and messing around to make it a bit abstract enhances the magnificent dark clouds.  There is nothing like a storm which comes in off the ocean, its beautiful, and intense.

Ocean Front Property

I wasn't in Arizona when I took this shot, I was in Orange Beach, AL.  I have come to appreciate and deeply love the ocean.  I took this image in September 2008 just in time for Hurricane Gustav.  The storm went further west, and it brought some fantastic images to photograph.  This was an image I took that particular weekend, which I messed with to give more of an abstract look to it.

Abstract Guitar

I enjoy shooting guitar players, they offer a bit of a challenge with the shape and size of their instrument.  But, they typically are a fun group of individuals to shoot.  This image was taken from a shoot I did for Phoenix Rising.  This guitar player was their new bass player, Bob, who I have been able to get to know as more of a friend.  He is a wonderful person and I do enjoy shooting him and getting to hang out with him when I can.

Running in Place

I feel like I am on a treadmill trying to get caught up today.  I'm running as quickly as I can, and yet I am standing in one place. 
Onward we go!  I am bringing in some of my abstract work right now, trying to post it for exposure.  I don't do a lot of abstract, I leave it to the pro's.  But, I do enjoy it and definitely appreciate a good abstract piece, which of course, is in the eye of the beholder!

Catching Up with Abstract

Here is a piece I did with the influence of "Chad Wilkerson" one of my dear friends and FABULOUS photographer!!  This is from one of the Nashville based bands I enjoy, it is an image I pulled from a photo I took from a shoot.  I love the abstract of the colors from the stage lighting and the piece of the bass drum.

I am also trying to get my "business" signature on my images; hence the DCS.

Running Behind...

Hello!!!!  Finally - I have found the internet.  I thought I had found it at the house again last night, but unfortunately I was fooled and lost everything I had saved.  But - I am back at it, and we are up and running.  I have found a variety of places which offer wireless internet, so it will take effort and traveling, but it is possible to find wireless.  Thankfully!
Here is my image from Sunday, I was baking cupcakes.  I thought since Julie and Julia were an inspiration to start this thing, it would only be appropriate to take pictures of the baked goodness I created.

This is the "just out of the oven" phase of the cupcakes, I was trying to go for a different type of angle.  I wanted to show the batter, the almost finished product, along with the yummy frosting which is patiently waiting.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I haven't given up!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it has been almost a week since my last picture was posted, but I haven't given up!!  Due to circumstances out of my control; a laptop battery dying JUST as I went to click "save" and post my image on Sunday.  A fall on Monday which landed me in the ER on Tuesday.  Which lead to a dr's note not allowing me to go to work for two days.
I haven't given up-not having internet at the house has made things difficult.  I will be catching up with the images VERY soon!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cupcake Day...

As I encounter week two, and a three day weekend.  I am working on downloading images and re-sizing images for this project along with other projects and contests I hope to enter.
I thought I had an image I took today of my lovely cupcakes.  I was thinking about Julie and Julia, I may not be trying to cook every recipe in a cookbook, but like Julie, and Julia, I am trying to accomplish something here.
But, it turns out I didn't put it on my zip drive - so this will have to my battery power is running low.

This is my first attempt at trying to do a "commercial" appeal or style of photography.  I think for the first time out of the gate I did "ok".  I think I could have done better if I would have used a tripod.

Friday, September 4, 2009

No people???

For years and years I only shot animals and landscape, I didn't want to deal with a model release.  It was my way out of not having to learn the legalities of shooting people.  But, I enjoy shooting people, models, dancers and weddings.  I find it fun to work with subject and capturing them-making them look beautiful, unique, natural, and the most fun for me is doing non-traditional stuff.
Here is an image of a gal named Rachel, who I shot during a shoot for the Nashville Photography Club, I hope she doesn't mind her image being posted.  I'll be working on that release now....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week One and onward we go!!!

Well, this is the completion of week one, and we are on our way to 51 more weeks of this project.  I have decided that two years is too intense.  I know I keep changing the goal, but it is a work in process and I am still trying to get my bearings.
One year, PAD, then an exhibit and a coffee table book from the images used in this project.  Year two will be continue onward in the process and progress of starting this photography business.  It is a lot to take on and a lot to work towards, it isn't going to be easy, but something worth having is worth the effort.

This is the lead singer of Phoenix Rising, Amy Brown, she is spectacular!!  I love photographing her, she is a beautiful subject and can belt out the songs with such passion!  She is a lot of fun to be around and a blast to catch on "film".  One of my favorite people to shoot and definitely one of my favorite bands here in Nashville.

Guess what...

This is a follow up to yesterday's post.  Guess rained.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was able to find the net!!  I need to make this quick as I am on battery power right now, so I have less than 20 minutes to go.  I finally took a picture TODAY for my PAD.  I was driving into work, and I came across a fellow employee, who I have never met, finishing her cigarette.  She then tossed the burning butt into the street, and the cloud of burning smoke followed it to the ground.  This bothered me as it was near a drain, and once it rains that persons cigarette butt is going to head into our water.  Which will then end up in our drinking water, streams, caves, lakes, all because she was too careless and lazy to put it out and dispose of it properly.
Thanks for caring about our environment.
If only people would realize the effect they have on the world around them...and possibly care a little.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Tuesday

The First Tuesday of each month is the Brentwood Photography Club Meeting.  This evening's topic was of interest to me, because it was about Professionals in the industry.  They choose four club members who are professional photographer's and they spoke about how to get started along with how they stay inspired.  It gave me an opportunity to listen to their experiences and some of their stories.  I discovered that I am not the only one with endless ideas for projects, pictures and series.  It also opened a door for me to become brave enough to approach a couple fellow club members to ask to pick their brain on their experiences and expertise.

Anyways - onward to the real reason we are here!  I attended a book signing on Friday in Nashville, TN.  It was interesting to me in several ways-because as I sat there as an audience member-I kept thinking to myself, "one day this will be me".  I will be on tour from bookstore to bookstore, people will be wanting to read my book. It was also interesting because the author spoke of his process of writing, re-writing the book.
This image is from that night, it was after he performed several pieces which were written in the book he wrote.
One day...that will be me, minus the instrument.