Friday, April 12, 2013

From Nashville to NYC

It is pretty cool to me that I was able to photograph this woman.  She is now a full time model in New York, I hope she has continued success as she is a lot of fun to work with - and looooooves to model, I'm happy that she took the chance to follow her dream.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Updated Workshop info

Check out the link - we have generously reduced our workshop fee - & spots are filling fast!  Get on board for a great opportunity to enhance your photography!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Photography Workshop in May

There are many workshops to choose from in photography, however, this workshop we are offering in May stands out! 
This workshop gives you full hands on opportunity to learn lighting, enhance your skill and work one on one with models and Mr. Gomez himself.  You will walk away with a great experience that will take you to a position to take better photographs, and start with or add images to your portfolio.
Are you uncertain on how to get the best from your subject?  This workshop will show you how to get the best from the individual you are photographing.
Have you been stuck on lighting and wish you could do better?  The Creative Lighting Workshop will take you to a better understanding, and enhance your ability to utilize natural light, natural light with flash, and multiple lighting set ups.  This will provide you with experience on how to do High Key lighting, photograph headshots, celebrities, and much, much more!
You can find out more by visiting:  or e-mail:

For more information on Michael Gomez, check out his website:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Upcoming Workshop...

In May you will be dazzled with what you can learn from professional Fashion & Commercial photographer Michael Gomez.  This awesome workshop will enhance your ability, knowledge and send you home with portfolio ready images!  You will have full access to Westlight Studios with multiple lighting set ups that will cover full body, head shots, celebrity, natural light and so much more!
If you have an interest in photography and/or want to go pro (or be more successful if you are already a pro) this is the workshop for you!
Creative Lighting Workshop at Westlight Studios

Call (615) 499-6269 today for more information and to get signed up!
Take your photography to a new level!  Because you deserve it!
Photo by Michael Gomez