Monday, August 31, 2009

Sitting at Bongo...

Bongo Java, a coffee house I discovered shortly after I moved to Nashville, is one of my favorite places to hang out! Today is SUPER lucky because I found close parking AND an outlet for the laptop so I am good to go to try and get caught up on a few things.
First thing is PAD. I was thinking about it today, I need to set my goal with my project. I am going to do an exhibit, in a year. What, when, where, how...that I have over 300 days to figure those details out. Maybe I will finally get my calendar published, some post cards, who knows, the sky is the limit and I am shooting for the stars. Setting high expectations make this more challenging and scary, but why go half ass, when you can go full ass right?!

Belly dancers, I love this photo, it captures light, color, action, style, all in their dance. Makes me wanna shimmey! A dance troupe here in Nashville that I spent quite a bit of time last year capturing.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taking Care of Business

While I am at it, I might as well take care of the current days photo. Newer stuff is coming, hopefully from todays....uhhh...yesterdays video shoot, or even better the book signing.

This was taken last year, 2008, on the west side of Nashville during a full moon. I love the darkness of the trees and branches, while taking in the brightness of the moon as it illuminates the clouds which were rapidly passing by that evening.

Sometimes life...

Sometimes life gets in the way of things - and that is going to be an obstacle I face in this project. I woke up this morning, and headed off to assist with a video shoot. Little did I know, we would be finalizing filming way past 5 and starting the packing up and load out process at 6:30 pm.

But, I am trying to stay true to my goal, and even though I am 53 minutes late, here is my pic.

This is a member of Theo Cas, he is quite the character. I realize he is out of focus, but let's be real, this is rock n roll, does it ever stand still? This guy was tough to shoot at first, but he began to warm up to me. I like this pic even with its out of focus factors, because it is, to me, such a live performance stage shot.
I was hoping to get an image up from a book signing I attended thanks to someone very kind and dear to me. However, it is in my camera bag downstairs, and I am exhausted. Probably not a good excuse-but it is the reality of my day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2....

I missed my deadline...guess it pays to read and plan ahead. Ooops, oh well, there will be others. Here is my second submission for my lil PAD.

Have laptop, will travel....

Indeed I WILL! Thank goodness for the blessing of a laptop!! I am once again rushing to make a deadline of a photo contest offered through the Brentwood Photo club. I read the reminder e-mail that went out two weeks ago. It seemed like I had more time than I did, because it hit me last night, that the image is due TODAY!! I have been taking pictures to submit, now to sort through them and see if any are worthy of submitting.
While I sort in my head, when I am going to have time this afternoon/evening to make a run to the deadline which is ticking away, my mind is also on other things. Things which I have been thinking about this week; I don't know what to expect when it comes to running a photography business. I know how to run an office, how to do event planning, to run an event facility, how to do marketing, how to manage and run and farm or a ranch and a horse training business. As far as running a photography business, in some aspect I know what to do, how to market and what to expect....but for ME to run this on my own; aye, aye, aye!! So-I am in search of the book I lost a year and a half ago. You know what that means right, it will turn up once I have a new one. Oh well....I have two books which have been helping me out so far; a how to write a business plan book, and a start up your business in six weeks book. Now for a how to book on running a photography business to give me some guidance where I need to go-and help me gain perspective on what to expect.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day One

Hey - thanks to a friend - I have found the internet...this is a good, but scary thing, because that means today is the day! Day 1.
Here is picture one, it was taken in June. It is the lead singer and creator of Theo Cas, who are performing tonight (actually right now) at the French Quarter on the east side of Nashville. I felt this image really meshed well with their style of music. I absolutely love the colors.
I will TRY to take a new pic every day...but as I mentioned before, I have many images which I am quite excited about, and would like to share.
so...this is it...we are on our way with this project.

Dr. Dr.....

My computer went to the "doctor" last night for a check up. Things are much better and it is running quite well now after its appointment. Maybe tonight we'll get a picture posted...I have it with me, and I will be searching for internet access somewhere. Coffee shop, cafe, something, somewhere out there will help me get the "hook up".
At times I feel I do nothing but stand still or spin my wheels trying to get somewhere...and part of me doesn't even know where I am going. There is a long road ahead, I hope someone brought snacks.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have been debating over what the specifics of my goal will be. Do I end with an exhibit? If I have an exhibit, how do I choose my images, and how many do I use? Do I pick one a month, two a month, should I have people vote on them...but who out there is actually reading this and following this project? Do I make this a one year project or a two year project? Maybe develop a calendar? A series of postcards? Should I do a PAD the first year and continue into the business the second year as my business grows....I hope it grows. *sigh* It seems overwhelming, probably because it is overwhelming. There seems to be almost too many options, but it is good to have options.

The internet is definitely hindering me, I will be finding coffee shops, local businesses and other locations to utilize the internet until I can find another place to reside which will have the net. I am hoping, possibly, to finally check my e-mail this evening. If that is the case, then I will post the first PAD...I know I want to try and take pictures which will be current. However, I am really excited about some of my stuff I've taken over the past twenty months. I would like to share it.
It isn't easy starting a business in photography, the biggest joke I have discovered which is shared in the community of photographers is:
What is the difference between a photographer and a pizza?

A pizza can feed a family of four.

Grrrrrrrreeeaat...that's exciting! Oy!
So...with the hopes that tonight will be the first posting of my PAD...then let's get into my goals.
I want to run a successful photography business. I want to coordinate and market photography workshops, I want to write a book and have it published, and I want my photography to improve by doing a PAD. I hope to have a studio one day, and travel with my photography and writing. I want my hobbies to be incorporated into my writing; scuba diving and caving.

So getting set up to run a business; I had this really awesome "how to" book, but some how in the first house I lived in here in Nashville it magically dissppeared. The "start your own business" books tell you to have space for an office. Considering that consists of having a two bedroom house or apt....three bedroom if you need a roommate, and I live in a one bedroom situation well, my office isn't an office. My desk is boxes stacked up on top of each other. I do, thanks to Michelle in the photo club, have an office chair that I like quite a bit. No real room for any type of filing I make due with folders, binders, and such to keep things in place. My supply drawer or closet is (can you guess) a box! I guess we all have to start somewhere, and that is where I am at currently. I can't say it works well, but it is something-which is better than nothing. Afterall, a year ago, I didn't even have a computer. This is it folks the basics of starting a business in photography, at least for me. An industry which techology constantly changes, standards are being raised, and that "one chance" just slipped by us to get that photo that "could have" put us on the map.
Many people are willing to give their images away for free for "photo credit". Photo credit won't even pay for that pizza which will feed that family of four. I am still trying to find my way in which area of photography I want to be in; landscape, sport, fashion, advertising, weddings, portraits, stock. Many options-and part of me feels I don't need to decide today-thank goodness.
So...I continue onward, I'm possibly having my laptop looked at this evening. Otherwise I am going to be starting tonight with a project which is bigger than me.
To get me to where I am going; I turn to those who inspire me. I am inspired by Julie Powell, Annie Liebovitz, Maddonna (she never apologies for what she does or who she is-I admire her confidence). This list includes many photographers, professional and hobbyists who belong to the three photo clubs I belong to, who are wonderful supporters. People who are so modest they wouldn't even want their names listed. Plus, I would be concerned I would forget someone if I tried to list everyone. I have learned from them and they are a phone call away for advice. I think that is also important in this business, networking, actually, that is the case in any business.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Since January????

Has it really been that long...I guess I shouldn't be surprised, this year has been busy.

Onward the year continues to go! Now with a new goal in the works, to be set for one year. A project which has been active with fellow club members in the Nashville Photo club.
A picture a day project, aka, PAD. Oy! Maybe this is what I need to get back on track? My goals for this year have been dragging on...getting put off...and far from any level of accomplishment.
I have tried to do a is harder than it seems. Oh-and my 6:15 to 8:15 project, its DOA. It is a long story...basically...I began to see all I ever did during that time frame was work on pictures or work on Holt's project. It was too depressing, so I dropped the project. I forget about it until I come across an image from that series from time to time. Maybe another year that will be something more interesting and productive.
The Nashville Photo club has been booming with activity, and I am starting to wear out from it. But, the members seem to enjoy it, and the club is growing and expanding. I like to be able to think since we are growing as a club, activities need to continue to be offered to the members for their enjoyment. As well as to offer opportunities to go shooting together, that is why, afterall, we belong to a photo club.
New pictures will be coming-especially with the new project I need to be starting....technically it should have started yesterday, but I was having difficulties finding my blog. That isn't a good sign, ha, ha, ha! Alas, I have found it! I also have a wonderful, wonderful NEW back up system, so I no longer have to lay awake in fear that I am going to lose my images!!!!! Do you have any idea how incredible that feels???????
SO, as soon as I am able to get an image posted on this site, the one year project shall begin. I shall also go into detail in regards of what all will be included in this one year endeavor, it will be more than just a photo kids...