Monday, September 12, 2011

Staff Photo for Nashville Violins

New teachers on staff means I get to update the website, which I love!  I was blessed with beautiful weather for an outdoor photo session.  Unfortunately my equipment was failing me.  I became a little concerned when the flash did not turn on.  Thankfully the teachers had students so I had some time to take the batteries out and discover they were eroding in the unit.  After several swipes with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and new batteries and several attempts it finally began to work.  However, the batteries didn't have quite enough power to do what I needed, but the good news is I was able to get some fun shots of a new drummer on staff. 

 Promo shot of teacher in front of the sign at Nashville Violins.

 I love working with someone who is creative and fun!

It was a great shoot, this musician has a lot of personality and was a joy to work with during this shoot.  I am pleased to also say you can find the photographs the owner choose at: 
It was nice to get behind the camera again, it has been a long time.