Monday, October 10, 2011

Square Dance & Birthdays

A couple weeks ago a local organic farm held a square dance.  I really wanted to go and thankfully my boyfriend decided to take me.  I haven't been to a square dance, and it was actually a lot of fun.  It helps that this local organic farm is absolutely beautiful and peaceful and the people who you meet are always friendly.

This fun event was at the very end of September - another fun event in September was my boyfriends birthday!  I had a day of surprises for him!  Breakfast of waffles waited for him when he got up.  He got a gps with Yoda's voice, a ceramic motorcycle I had painted and a book he had wanted for a long time.  Yoda took us to lunch, to the Country Music Hall of Fame to view the Chet Atkins exhibit and out to dinner.

Wine is very serious business - HA!  Not!!! :)  Having fun at Little Italy in Nashville, TN.

Commercial Photography...Yamaha 5 String Silent Pro Violin

It is fun to work at Nashville Violins - especially when I get to be one of the first to photograph a new instrument that shows up in the shop.  One of those instruments would be the NEW Yamaha 5 String Violin.  If I played professionally this would be the instrument going down the road with me.  It is sexy, innovative and just flat out cool looking.
Until then, I will stick with the violin I have and keep on truckin with my ukulele...which this past Thursday, I just bought my second uke.  I think I am addicted. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Project

As I have mainly been working as a commercial photographer for Nashville Violins, I have been taking on other creative projects.  One that I was able to complete recently was a workbench for a luthier at Nashville Violins.  See below:
The beginning of creating a name plate/sign.  I have not done this kind of work since college, and I haven't done anything with some of these tools before.  I was quite concerned I would screw it up.

 During the process of carving and creating a sign for the luthier, Jessica.
Thankfully it turned out alright.
Now onward to the space where she will be!  This has been a functional work space for the staff.  As functional work space for me typically will turn into organized chaos.  As you can see that is most definitely the case here.


 Final product!!
 Happy new owner of a luthier work bench!  Look!  There is a violin and a ukulele waiting to be worked on already! :)
Now that this project is finished, I have begun to embroidery a towel for the owner of the shop to have on his bench.  I am also going to embroidery a bath towel for the gal who works out in the front.  I am also helping the owner build a desk and clean up space so he can finally have an office.  I am hoping once these larger projects are out of the way I can get back to some painting and my photography.
I'm hoping I can find a way to keep this blog up more (that isn't new at all is it) :(  Plus, find a way to practice my lighting, it isn't near what I would like it to be.  *sigh*  Hopefully I will be able to find a way to get re-focused on my book as well.
It was a lot of fun to make stops at the home improvement stores, pick out the wood, and various items needed to build this bench.  It was great to work with power tools again and to make use of my tool belt and tool box.  I was worried she wouldn't like it, I was so relieved when she gave me a big hug and said "thank you" and that she loved it!  Woo!  Hoo!!!