Saturday, April 23, 2011

Never a good thing...

It is never a good thing to go this long without blogging.  I was setting up a post every Saturday before my shift at Nashville Violins...but that process is going to be postponed for a while.  Long story, heartbreaking story, disappointing story...but I am not letting it steal my joy.
I have come to discover I have been denying myself the things I enjoy the most.  Anything and everything practically I have been denying-due to allowing myself to follow the wrong priorities in life, which caused me to become depressed.  I am coping, meditating, getting back into caving and yoga, plus painting, photography, and living life again.
Never will my joy be taken from me again. :)
Here is a post from my favorite place in the world: Nashville Violins.  I needed to do a headshot of one of the instructors.  I wanted to really do something different with Daniel, he is an incredibly hard working, talented man.  I wanted something besides the "typical" headshot for him.  See below :) - I love how I caught the reflection of him in the mirror.