Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 14

It was a long day of shooting, seven hours and three belly dancers. It was awesome!! I learned so much about my camera, how to set up lighting and what to pay attention to, why to do this and that, then the first dancer arrived.
We got some great shots - I took around 1,300 photo's that day. I have only seen them once as they are on the Photographer's computer at the studio. Soon I will get them loaded onto a cd and begin the photoshop work to them and get them posted on MY website.
I was exhausted by the time it was all over. But, I had a lot of energy too. It was work, but I enjoyed it. I'm so glad this will be what I do for a living.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's coming!! It's coming!!

I feel like Paul Revere...ok, so I am not sure exactly how he felt...but the surge of excitement within me makes me want to run the streets screaming, "MY COMPUTER IS COMING!!! MY COMPUTER IS COMING!!!" It was shipped yesterday - now to finalize details on the internet connection and I will be rocking and rolling!!!
YES!!! It is finally here - I will be able to do all I desire to do to get this business of mine up and running! Yay!!!
Check in soon for *gasp* pictures!!! :D

Ok - so I found out it wasn't on its way, but all is well. :)

It arrived in the mail, the first part of August I was working away at setting up my office officially with a computer. A BIG THANK YOU TO BRAD! What I owe him is hard to describe. All I know is he will be paid back in a manner that I can't describe. I am blessed with two wonderful friends who are incredibly supportive and words of thanks just isn't enough.