Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 A Year in Review

Here is a brief review of the places I have been, the things I have done and the photo's I have taken:

Jan - A new year - I was so glad to say good-bye to 2009 and embrace 2010 and all the good she had to offer.
Here are pictures from a very fun New Year's outing that I went on with  my best friend, and pictures from a trip I took to the Chattanooga Aquarium.

A visit to the Chattanooga Aquarium, Chattanooga, TN

Feb - 2010 

The opportunity to photograph the last performance of the Director of a Nashville Tribal Belly Dance troupe was open.  I ran to the venue with camera in hand and captured the following photo's.  It also allowed me to begin the final process of a book I am proud to say I had published this year.

March  - 2010 - A lovely intimidate Bachelorette Party
An amazing group of goddesses got together for a Boudoir Photo Shoot for their dear friends last single night!

April - 2010 - An opportunity to photograph runners in the Country Music Marahon

May - 2010
I began finalizing details, storyline and editing of my book.

June - 2010
I traveled to the Gulf of Mexico in Orange Beach, AL leading a two day photo tour of the area.

July - 2010
I had an invitation to a Fourth of July party, which gave me a wonderful visual point for the fireworks of downtown Nashville, TN.

August 2010 - A portrait session and 2nd Shooter for a Wedding

A friend had a couple friends from Ohio come and visit.  We took advantage of this opportunity to photograph these very pretty and lovely gals.
I was asked to serve as a 2nd shooter for a wedding, it was small wedding in a chapel north of Nashville.  A quaint little service with a quiet and shy bride.

Sept 2010 - Over the Edge Event - for the Special Olympic's

 I had the opportunity passed to me to be the main photographer for the Special Olympics which gave me full access to the roof during sun, rain, pouring rain, winds and continuous changing weather throughout the day.

 October - 2010 - Interesting Live Performance
I attended a performance at Nashville Center Stage  below are some of the acts from the evening.

I also coordinated and lead the first Studio Outing for the Nashville Photography Club.  We had a magician, a business professional, a model and a family to give the members a variety of subjects to shoot.

December 2010 - The end of the year with a YouTube Video and SNOW!!
How exciting to have my images on a You Tube video for Nashville Violins!  Below is one of the images featured.  I also have the photographs of the Winter Recital on their website, below is the link to see the recital pictures.

I am a big fan of snow and I was so very pleased to see some of the beautiful fluffy stuff on the ground Christmas Day - what a blessing!

Whew!This is TRULY a very small example of all the photographs I took this year.  There were so many I wanted to include, but a person has to stop somewhere.  I am going to have a very interesting 2011, I am hoping to see my business be more in the direction of my dreams. I am still working on it, website still needs tweaking, business cards to the printers, more practicing, and building of more clients.  I begin a photography class in January, working on improving my skill and ability and getting myself out there....scary!!  
I thank you for visiting my blog, following along.  I have been working very hard to keep it more updated than I had been in the past.
More to come in 2011 - Happy New Year to All, I hope 2010 was good to you and I pray that 2011 brings you joy and blessings.