Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saying good-bye

I hate saying good bye, especially when it is permanent...or at least until...
I found out from my Mom yesterday my sorrel Quarter Horse Olympic, who we also called "Duke" went to horsie heaven.  I wish I could be there to say good bye.  I can only hope he knows that he was loved, and I hope he enjoyed his time on my parents farm.
My Mom named him "Olympic" as we got him in 1996, the year of the Atlanta Olympics.  My Dad named him Duke, both stuck and we never felt it was necessary to pick just one.  On the farm we mostly called him "Duke" as it seemed most fitting.
My horse Joplin has been calling for him, my Mom said he was doing better today.  I'm sure he is sad, he lost his buddy of 16 plus years.  My brother told me he would go out and check on him and give him a hug when he got home. 
Here is a photo I posted quite some time ago, I had always wished their tails were perfectly groomed in this photo.  However, that wouldn't be "my horses" because those two always got into the burdock. 

Good bye good equine friend, may you be free of any hurt you once experienced, may the grass be stirrup high and may you be in peace...until then, I look forward to riding you in heaven.

Duke is the horse closest in this photo, Joplin is on the other side of him.  Taking a nice stroll together like they always did out in their pasture.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day display

Nashville Violins had a lovely Valentines Day display of their colorful instruments in red & pink!

I took this photo with a camera I am trying out, the Nikon D7000, one I have had my eye on for about three years.  I am really enjoying the advancement of this camera!!