Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sadly...from last spring of 2010

These images were taken on an outing I coordinated for the Nashville Photography club.  We went downtown Nashville to photograph the Nashville Skyline from the Korean Bridge (although I have heard recently that it is called something else).  Then we made our way to below the Shelby Street walking bridge.

I have wanted to get these posted for several months.  I finally found a few hours to sit and sort through images.  I enjoy post production, I hate that I don' have enough time for it.  I think my images could be so much stronger if I could get the time to work on them.  Above images are straight from the camera there was no photoshop work done to them.  The only adjustment would be have been cropping, re-sizing and watermarking.

Natural Light

This image was done in natural light, I noticed the light at my apt.  I also was blessed to have flowers from my birthday still in bloom.  I set it up the flower vase so it wouldn't tip over as I moved around to catch the light as it cast its glow across the petals of this lovely flower.

Not Done Yet

I came across this little guy while I was out shooting in the short lived snow last Wed in Nashville, TN.  I was excited to see he was as curious about me as I was about him/her.  After a short little visit Mr. Ducky began to show off its feathers, and then took off across the pond to the other end.

Is getting on here once a week...

Too much to ask?  Good grief, have you ever been so frustrated from being able to try to do what you want to do and yet can't?
To avoid a big rant, I will move on to my photographs.  I am so far behind on my images and it greatly saddens me.
But onward we go.... here are a couple images from my Picture a Week project.  I had to step away from doing a Picture a Day, and demoted myself to working on a goal of taking at least one good image a week.  Below are more of a product shot, but it was good to work with the lighting.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - A new beginning, new opportunities and time for risk

I am embracing this new year, and all the years to follow along with all it has to offer.  I thought I blogged much more than I really did this past year.  A lot of that is due to still not having internet.  It is quite the inconvenience.  I start school in a couple of weeks, I am very excited to get back into the classroom.  I also will be dedicating some time to organizing my digital files, my books I have in progress; one about ranches, one about farms and the two which I am writing.
Onward and upward!  Here we go with Day One of 2011!!

This was taken in Barron County, WI - an old dairy barn that has very little function now.  But, once upon a time assisted in housing Dairy Cattle for Wisconsin's Dairy Industry.