Thursday, January 9, 2014

I don't need a title...

Yes, I am a photographer, but I am also so much more...
I have recently discovered about a project called: The Exploratrice, I think it is wildly interesting that it is uncommon for women to travel independent...adventurous...bad ass...sensual...and I think...really? Maybe because a lot of my friends fit this description, because I live this description it isn't a surprise or uncommon to me.
There are all these categories to fall into to be... an "exploratrice"
Bad Ass - ride a motorcycle, shoot things, scuba dive - sweet! I'm a bad ass! I started deer hunting at age 12, I own a motorcycle, and I am OW!
Adventurous - snorkel, ride horses - anyone who knows me, this is a "duh". I started riding horses at age 13, and trained for 15 years, I was also heavily involved with rodeo & have roped my share of cattle and horses. I have snorkeled often in the ocean, I have also kayaked in the ocean, I go caving...enough said.
Sensual - dancing, swimming...(not sure how the swimming fits in) but I would think my years of a dancer, ballet, jazz, tribal belly dance would fit this category.
Athletic - I would think with all the farm work, dance, horse training, 5K's I've run, caving, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, the softball team I played on & the volleyball team I was on in Memphis at some level I would be considered athletic. Caving is the best sport I have ever participated in - and the most healthy.
I don't think twice when I want to go see a movie and end up going by myself. If I want to go out to eat and no one is around, I go alone. If I want to get up and move from Wisconsin and travel across the country to live in Oregon...I pack the car and go.
For many years I have been called a gypsy, a free spirit, independent, strong willed woman who seeks after what she desires. Yes, I have fear, yes I am human and get scared, sad, lonely, but if I want to dance, I dance, if I want to travel, I get in my vehicle and go, I want to learn an instrument, I pick it up and play it.
I don't know...I like this Exploratice project, but at the same time I don't get the big deal over independent, adventurous, strong, athletic, intelligent women doing what they want...maybe because that is who I am & I don't know who to be anything else. Or maybe because I am fortunate enough to have so many women friends who are all that and more...we don't think twice about what we do...we just go do it...we don't need a title.
This has gotten me to want to put out to the world the things I have accomplished in which defines, me.  I will be developing an album under the various "exploratrice" categories and others I may add, which give me passion, motivation, energy and joy.  Details and photos to follow...

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